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Car Rental Coverage?

Car rental coverage - do you have this coverage?

Your auto insurance declarations page will provide you the answer = Do you have CAR RENTAL COVERAGE. Simple, grab your auto declaration page look for " Car Rental Coverage " if you see a per day coverage of $ 30, $ 40, $ 50. $ 75 or $ 100 / 30 days you do have this important coverage.

Example: If you see $ 30 per day / 30 days - then your coverage is up to $ 30 per day for a maximum of 30 days. If you do not see any coverage per day for 30 days = then you do not have CAR RENTAL COVERAGE.

Some CAR RENTAL COVERAGE can be as low as $15.00 per vehicle for six months - this coverage can be a huge benefit if you have a claim and need a rental vehicle. Give our office a call we will be glad to run a quote adding CAR RENTAL COVERAGE so you will be provided a rental car if you have a claim.

Do I need Car Rental Coverage?

Rental car coverage can be a major plus if you only have one vehicle or you do not have a backup vehicle to drive. Along with keeping your out of pocket expanse down, if you have a claim and your vehicle ends up in the shop for a few weeks you will be glad you have CAR RENTAL COVERAGE. I can say that one common issue when one of our clients has a claim and their vehicle will be in the shop for several weeks is how important having CAR RENTAL COVERAGE can be. The facts are, not having car rental can be expensive and frustrating. Expensive because on average you are looking at $ 30 to $ 40 a day to rent a car and frustrating because many times CAR RENTAL COVERAGE may not apply, or coverage reimbursement could be delayed for months. Now is the time to consider CAR RENTAL COVERAGE if you do not already have this important coverage. So you don't get stuck with out of pocket expense for renting a car.

If you do not have CAR RENTAL COVERAGE then...

-If you have an accident with an uninsured motorist - no car rental.

-If you have a hit and run claim - no car rental.

-If you have a at fault accident - no car rental.

-If your vehicle is vandalized (comprehensive claim) - no car rental.

-If you have an accident - not your fault and the other party does not have enough coverage to repair your vehicle - (under insured) - no car rental.

Many clients will say "what if I don't have car rental coverage? "

If you are not sure about car rental coverage - give our office a call.

Okay, I have Car Rental Coverage - how does this coverage apply?

Your damage to your vehicle must be covered by your auto insurance policy (claim) and the damage must be more than your deductible.

Your claims adjuster will advise you of how your CAR RENTAL COVERAGE will apply to your claim. And the adjuster will answer your questions - always verify coverage with your claims adjuster or you may find are not covered. Remember to ask "how many days can I keep the rental vehicle?

Example - If your vehicle was vandalized and you have CAR RENTAL COVERAGE, with a $500 comprehensive deductible. The damage is $1000, and your deductible is $ 500 then your car rental coverage will apply. Because the damage is more than your deductible.

How do I get my rental car?

When you report your claim - (claim call center - see your insurance proof card for the claim

phone number) you will want to ask about your car rental coverage and how to get set up with a rental car. If your vehicle is not drivable then you will want to let the claims person know you need a rental car immediately. Many times, the claims reporting CSR who took your first report claim can verify that you have CAR RENTAL COVERAGE and set up a direct bill with a rental car agency. You will be given a reservation number, so you can go pick up your rental car.

Important: Always confirm how many days of coverage will apply, and when your CAR RENTAL COVERAGE will end with your assigned claims adjuster. If your vehicle is drivable it is best to discuss with your claims adjuster the procedure, getting your rental car and how long the coverage will apply. This can save you money, never assume, check with your adjuster so you will know what is covered with your CAR RENTAL COVERAGE.

If your vehicle is a total loss , and you have a rental vehicle provided by your policy coverage, the car rental coverage will normally end five days after the first " cash offer " has been presented to you for your totaled vehicle. Verify this procedure with your claims adjuster.

When you pick up your rental car - take the time to inspect the vehicle for damage and have the rental car agency representative document all damage. If you bring back the rental car with undocumented damage you could have a claim and pay your deductible.

Do I need to purchase the insurance for the rental car?

When I rent a car can I use my Mercury auto policy to cover the insurance requirement for the rental car. If you have comprehensive and collision coverage on at least one vehicle on your policy you can use your Mercury auto policy to cover the rental vehicle.

ALWAYS call our office to confirm this coverage as policy coverage can change, you can also talk to your claims adjuster.

NOT ALL COMPANIES WILL PROVIDE INSURANCE FOR YOUR RENTAL CAR - so check with our agency or your claims adjuster.

You should note: If you use your Mercury auto insurance policy to cover the rental vehicle your deductibles will apply. No additional coverage's will apply.

Can I loan my rental car to someone else?

NO! It is very important to understand that if you use your Mercury policy insurance coverage as your insurance for your rental vehicle - only listed drivers on your Mercury policy would be covered driving the rental vehicle (list drivers on your rental agreement). YOU CAN NOT LOAN OUT YOUR RENTAL CAR even if you are sitting in the passenger seat. Please call our office to discuss this if you have any questions.

Can I rent any type of vehicle I want and use my Mercury auto insurance to cover the rental vehicle?

NO You should call our office to discuss the type of vehicle. NO coverage if you are renting a box van, truck, flat bed, moving van etc. and many other vehicles - so always give our office a call. If you are renting a vehicle to move anything that should be a red flag - there may be no coverage and you should purchase the insurance from the rental agency. Rental agencies like U-Haul should prompt you (put up a red flag) to contact our office. If you are renting a high value vehicle - call our office. Some Lowes and Home Depot stores will rent a flatbed truck so their customers can deliver purchased store items. NO coverage for flatbed trucks. It's always best to contact our office - will I be covered renting this vehicle?

Recap: If you do not have CAR RENTAL COVERAGE give our office a call so we can run a quote adding this important coverage to your policy.

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