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· Having a party – Mom and Dad agree to allow their 17-year-old son to have a pizza/pool party. So, the pizzas were ordered, and Mom and Dad went out for a date night. The party went off great, although more kids showed up than expected. A little after 12:00am, Mom and Dad came home to find their son and a couple of friends cleaning up the house after the party. All in all – everything went off great. A few days later, Mom found that some things were missing, jewelry, several watches and some family heirlooms. It was decided that one of the kids who attended the party went upstairs, got into the master bedroom and stole the items. The additional unfamiliar teens who attended the party complicated the situation, making it hard to determine who did it.

· Remodeling/upgrading or repairs to your house/condo – You finally decide on getting your new kitchen after months of researching and making decisions for the countertops, cabinets, sink, dishwasher, floors and lighting. It’s been a daunting task, but you’ve got the bids from a contractor and you are ready for the demo to begin. You have decided to live on fast food and restaurants instead of moving out. Now your contractor has hired several sub-contractors to do the electrical, plumbing, flooring and painting. Each subcontractor has their own people to assist. During the first several weeks, you have witnessed a lot of people coming and going. The days are dusty and long but the finished project (new kitchen) will be a satisfying outcome. With construction, it seems that there are always delays and more costs – that’s the nature of the beast. Then a surprise. That you did not expect: you have been robbed! Someone on the jobsite took some valuables. With all the contractors, sub-contractors and their workers coming and going, it is almost impossible to try and find out who took the items. The work continues, but the homeowner is not happy about their personal items being taken.

· Selling your house or condo. When you are ready to sell your house, most likely you will get a realtor. When your house is ready to show, you will find that you will be requested to leave your house during a showing. Unfortunately, many times a realtor will have more than one person walking through your house during the showing. While the realtor is showing the backyard to one prospective buyer, others may be upstairs and someone could put some valuables in their pocket from the master bedroom. Then off they go with your property. With many people reviewing your house, it is extremely difficult to know who the theft was from.

· Going on vacation. Everyone loves to go on vacation. We may wait all year to take off

for a week or two. So, this time your destination is Yellowstone National Park. Your vehicle is packed and the kids are saying “let’s go”!!! Now there’s another person who is also happy to see you drive away. You don’t know him, but you will see his handy work when you return from a wonderful week in Yellowstone. As you drive up to your house, you’ve decided to unpack tomorrow as it is getting late. As you and the family walk in your house, you see that every drawer has been opened and items have been thrown on the floor. A quick survey shows your that your jewelry is gone, and a few other costly items. Now this is a typical home burglary, you’re on vacation and the burglar has been working on his trade- robbing you.

A few tips on burglary and theft prevention.

As we look back on each of the above scenario’s, let me share with you some suggestions to help protect your personal items from burglary/theft.

1.. Never leave your valuables unprotected. You can remove your valuables prior to the party, construction, selling your property or when you go on vacation.

A safety deposit box at your bank may be sufficient.

2. If you are doing construction or any modification that requires having workers in your house, you may want to install a key lock on your master bedroom door (or any room that you do not want workers to go into).

3. If you’re doing a kitchen remodel and upgrade to new appliances. Do not store these items in your garage, or in the house. With workers coming and going – someone may want to come back and take your new shiny appliances. So, store them off site, or do not have them delivered until the installation date.

4. Cameras! You can now get wireless cameras, and the prices for these cameras

have dropped in the last couple of years. The cameras are small and easy to hide. You could also deter theft by placing a sign that reads “this property has surveillance cameras “.

5. Lock your valuables in a safe that is properly installed (bolted to the foundation or floor is best). When looking at a safe to protect your items, there are many options.

I have included a link to the Home Depot website. We are not endorsing Home Depot or their products. But this link has a good selection on of safes.

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