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Should I use Handy Man Joe?

When it comes to home repair and maintenance, everyone hopes they can get a good price, right???

However, sometimes “Joe, the low-fee handyman” is really not the best choice.

When Joe- the-handyman says “Oh yeah! I can cut that 75-foot tree in your front yard down for about $250!”, you may be quick to grab your checkbook and say: “Go at it Joe! “

However, Tree Trimming, Roof Repairs and Painting should best be left for the professional.

In the last few years, we have seen lawsuits against the homeowner because Joe “The Handyman” has been injured while either trimming trees, repairing roofs or painting. A professional knows what he is doing and can get the job done properly, on time and without injury.

Yes, your handyman may do it for less, but when inexperience comes into play, there is a risk for things to go wrong. What if that 75-foot tree falls onto the neighbor’s roof or car? Or maybe a branch falls onto a person who is walking by on the sidewalk. OR…. what if Joe falls out of the tree? or injurers himself with the chain saw?

Roof repairs are another area of concern. Joe could fall off the roof, or what if the roof is just not repaired properly and you run into future problems?

Is it time to paint your house, yet you would love to save some money? What if “Painter Joe” falls off the ladder?

A professional will have proof of insurance. You should request a copy of the declaration page, and you also may want to call the insurance company and verify that the policy is current.

Yes, hiring a professional with experience and insurance may cost a little more than your “trust-worthy Joe”, but don’t take that risk! We have heard unfortunate stories……something could go wrong, and lawsuits for injury are becoming common.

Please, make this a priority consideration when deciding who will work on your house.

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